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marriage vows

Hmm just logged into LJ to think about writing an entry rather than just reading others and found this already saved...

So many people cheat nowadays that I wonder why the majority of people bother to get married in the first place. Is it the fancy frock and massive party? Is it pressure from family/friends? Simply the idea that people should?

A friend on fb just posted about how she hates married men and how they all cheat, as she's an unmarried woman I'm taking it that a married man tried to pick her up last night. I hate that too.

I understand that it's easy to cheat, that there's the thrill and chase and people can fool their selves their partner will not find out and no one will get hurt but when it all comes down to it what's the point? If you're that unhappy you should walk away. However, saying that I think walking away from a marriage should only be done as the truly last resort whereas walking away from a relationship is easier.

I wonder where I was going with this or why I stopped. Oh well might as well post it since I wrote it.