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Random thoughts

My brain is whirring too much to sleep and there's a 1000 thoughts running through my head so I thought trying to capture some on here might help. (I knew my nap yesterday was too late in the day.)

It's amazing how much different both this pregnancy and me as a person are this time around. My biggest concern currently is what will I forget to take to the hospital and the fact I really must tidy my side of the bed!
Midwife comes today to make the birth plan and Chris and I were so relaxed over it last night it took forever to discuss as we kept getting swept off onto other things.

My pelvis isn't great but it's definitely been worse. I'm not counting down the days manically as I force myself up the stairs.
Nathan is massively excited about baby and must kiss bump 100 times a day! I don't even get a kiss or a hug on a morning now until after baby.

I've probably not bought enough stuff clothes wise, if we don't get the right sort of stuff gifted Chris will be off to Asda lol but we've got enough for the first while and nappies galore!

Once this headache is more manageable I shall clean the house one last full clean with the steamer, should probably fill my freezer and then hey presto just the final wait.

It's funny how Dre's comment about never knowing how strong your relationship is until you add kids keeps popping back into my mind. She's right of course, it's the biggest test but also a lovely addition. With Nathan it brought Chris and I physically closer in that he had to do so much for me, emotionally as I was so unsteady but romantically didn't improve us at all.

This time around we're much closer romantically and couple wise and the support we give and get is far greater. I literally know I couldn't do pregnancy or labour without him.

Not having work has given me such a lovely time with Nathan, I'm actually quite sad he's going to start nursery and leave me so many hours a week but practically with a new baby and spd its probably for the best. This way he gets his time and my poor pelvis gets some recovery time. Hopefully there will be no section recovery time this time!

Being pregnant this time has seen a shift in some of my friendships and alas not really for the best which is a shame. But having less support has been ok as I didn't get depressed so it all worked out. Whether things will change once again once baby is on the scene I'm not sure.

I am disapointed with a few people, but partially I think not having worked for the past year has given me more time and opportunity to spot cracks and problems that were already there and has given me more time to concerntrate on what I actually want rather than what I will accept for a quiet life.
I'm aware my standards are high but lowering them any doesn't make me any happier so what's the point?

Typically now i've realised I'm hungry my pregnant brain has taken over and all I can think about is wanting to eat hoops so I might as well stop now and go get a bowl. At least the ending goes with the randomness of the entry ;)