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What a difference a year makes

This time last year I had finished work for the last time at HH and was just looking forward to a relaxing weekend when we got the call we'd been dreading. So instead of a quiet last weekend at home we'd packed the car and supposedly everything we needed and hit the road in under 3 hours. We travelled all night and arrived in Holland about half 8 ish which coincidently with time difference is when I'm writing this.

I spent the next few days helping and learning and wondering just when my husband would fall apart and yet it was a true learning experience as we all moved into our new roles.

I can't believe it's been a year already since Opa died. It has been the quickest year ever and as I write this only 9 weeks to go until baby is due!

This past year has seen friendships change and drift apart, relationships within family boundaries change and change and then change again and yet through it all as other things have slipped my realtionship with my boys has grown in leaps and bounds.

At this stage pregnant with Nathan I was stressed with work and struggling with my spd and lack of sleeping and really wondering how we would manage when I felt so disconected to and with everything. This time we may be lacking in some practical preoperation - which I can soon remedy, but we are so much stronger in love and support and I really feel more like we are doing this together rather than alongside each other. Thankfully when Nathan was born we became the start of the team we are now and we do parent together as opposed to alongside and it really is us against him - sorry baby!

I'm not looking forward to newborn nappies or newborn sleeping habits but I am looking forward to seeing how my little man interacts with the baby he talks about so much and seems to adore already!

Wonder what the next year holds for us? :)