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Dec. 13th, 2011

Poor LJ, you only get a proper entry now when I want a moan. In saying that, that is a big part of why I've come here tonight.

I have a dreadful headache and I'm not sure if it's again or still. (It started Sunday and I'm not convinced it ever went properly away).
I'm tired and cranky and Nana is in the hospital and to be honest the longer things drag on with her the more tired and cranky I'm going to get really.

There's also the confusion over Christmas plans in Holland. I just want to know what's happening really. We're getting closer and closer, how hard is it for someone to make a decision. I'm probably right in thinking this would not happen if I lived there as by now I'd have steamed in, taken charge and voila we'd have a plan. Alas they're all too typically laid back, super polite and well erm dutch.

I'm getting into hibernation mode too at a time when really I could do without it. I'm sleeping a lot but it can't be the right kind of sleep as I just feel sooo tired from the minute I get up until the mintute I go to bed. But then the constant (albeit fairly regular periods don't help) Damn you Dr Smith for ordering so many urine tests for the lergy when you know I always bleed when I need to take a urine test!

I can't wait to get to Holland now. I need some r&r. Nice food, few glasses of wine and some lovely peace and quiet and I'll be back on my feet in no time. Who would ever have believed that going to stay with your mother in law would ever be something to look forward to? But then she's obviously my reward for the all the toads I had to put up with when I was dating.

Looking forward to some quiet time and catching up with people and of course our trip to Belgium (note to self get that organised!)

Looking forward as well to time off work and away from the constant moaning from my team. Also by the time I get there nana should be home from hospital, have had the op and be on her way to recovering. (fingers crossed)

So really if i survive the next 2 weeks it's all downhill from there \o/

oh man I wish it was Chrismas sooner!!