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10 years.

Today was a day of mixed emotions for me. It's various friends birthday today but of course it's also "9/11."

I admire Rob for having the strength to play a free concert in the park today to get away from the journalist hassle. I really don't believe I could have done that. I sat and watched until his father's name was read and then turned it off. The grief is just too much.

To those 100 idiots who burnt the American Flag today outside the british memorial service - you're scum. There is never an excuse to marr such an occassion - no matter what your point is.

Regardless of the politics or religion behind the attack and the events that have followed the important part is to remember all those lives lost. If we do not, then they are lives wasted.

I never want to hear anyone speak of any dead from any war or terrorist attack whether they chose to be involved or were simply caught up in it.

Someone I know lost their father 10 years ago, needlessly. That's all that matters today.

Rest in peace RJH.